The Many Advantages Of Laser Dentistry

As many as 24% of individuals fear going to the dentist, and one of the most anxiety-producing elements is the drill. If you’re not a fan of the drill, you’ll be happy to know that lasers can help treat dental cavities without a drill. In fact, lasers have been used in dentistry since 1989. At Westlake Smile Studio in Westlake Village, California, Dr. Mimi Theerathada knows that no-drill cavity care is just one advantage of laser dentistry. From cosmetic dentistry to treatment for gum disease, lasers can make your visit faster, more comfortable, and more efficient. Dr. Theerathada here shares the many advantages of laser dentistry and how the team at Westlake Smile Studio uses lasers to improve your overall patient experience and help you achieve a dazzling, healthy smile.

Lasers are versatile

Dental lasers can do a lot more than just remove tooth decay. We use lasers for a variety of reasons, including:
  • Teeth whitening
  • Treating gum disease
  • Treating soft tissue issues like canker sores
  • Reshaping your gums
At Westlake Smile Studio, the Biolase® line of lasers can help you improve the look of your smile as well as promote good oral health.

Lasers improve treatments for gum disease

Gum disease, which includes gingivitis and periodontal disease, is progressive. Left untreated, gum disease can compromise the integrity of your jawbone, increasing the chance of losing your natural teeth. Treating gum disease promptly can help prevent tooth loss. When lasers are used as a gum disease treatment, you typically experience:
  • Shorter healing time (no sutures)
  • Less discomfort
  • No need for general anesthetic
  • Less bleeding (compared with traditional surgery)
Another advantage to consider is that lasers are extremely accurate, which means diseased and infected tissue is easier to target with a laser.

Lasers are minimally invasive

Lasers improve many dental treatments because they’re minimally invasive. This means that when lasers are used to treat a cavity, for example, you might not even need a local anesthetic. Or if you need gum disease treatment, you can skip the general anesthesia. Lasers can also help expose wisdom teeth that are hidden below the gum — without any cutting. Lasers don’t require cutting or stitches, which means less blood loss, less swelling, no need for sutures, and much quicker recovery timelines.

Lasers help reduce bacteria in your mouth

While lasers are exposing a hidden wisdom tooth or removing infected tissue, they also offer an added benefit: They kill bacteria. This means that your surgical site remains cleaner and is less likely to become infected.

Lasers are safe

It’s normal to wonder about the safety of medical procedures, especially ones new to you. Rest assured, all dental systems sold in the United States must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), including our laser systems. In addition, we follow all safety protocols, such as the use of safety eyeglasses.

Lasers provide more peaceful procedures

If you’re sensitive to loud noises — such as the dental drill — you can relax knowing that dental lasers provide a much more pleasant experience.

Improve your dental experience with lasers

Laser dentistry saves you time, is more efficient, and reduces discomfort during procedures. To learn more about the benefits of laser dentistry, give our Westlake Village clinic a call. Or request your appointment with our online scheduling tool.

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