Porcelain Bridges

A porcelain bridge is a treatment option for replacing a missing tooth. At Westlake Smile Studio, we strive to fabricate bridges that look natural and are highly functional.

If for any reason you have lost a tooth or teeth which has resulted in a gap between your remaining teeth, you are likely a candidate for a bridge. Your other options are dental implant replacements, or removable partial dentures. When you schedule a consultation with Westlake Smile Studio, we will review each of these options with you to find out which is the best treatment for you.

What are the pros of a bridge?

  • Treatment time for a bridge to replace a tooth or a few teeth is faster than a that of dental implants or removable partial dentures
  • May be more cost effective than dental implants
  • They are great treatment options for patients are not surgical candidates

What are the cons of a bridge?

  • The teeth on either side of the missing tooth/teeth must be prepared to act as anchor teeth for the missing tooth/teeth
  • All of the teeth that are a part of the bridge are connected, thereby making flossing and gum care more difficult
  • When one part of the bridge has a problem, the entire bridge much be replaced

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