Invisalign: An Adult Answer To Straightening Teeth

Orthodontic treatment is often thought of as something only children and teenagers need, but the reality is that adults can also benefit from orthodontic care. In fact, nearly 25% of people under orthodontic care are adults.

Dr. Mimi Theerathada and the team here at Westlake Smile Studio understand that adults usually have two criteria when considering orthodontic care: It must be comfortable and inconspicuous.

Invisalign® checks both boxes, and it’s available at our Westlake Village, California, clinic. In this article, we explore the benefits of Invisalign and why this is the adult answer for straighter teeth.

Is Invisalign right for you?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses clear aligner trays to gently shift your teeth into the desired position. Invisalign is suitable for children, teens, and adults. That’s because there’s no one-size-fits-all tray.

Each tray is custom crafted by Invisalign technicians, using advanced 3D imaging of your teeth as the guide. Over 8 million people have used Invisalign, and only 1.4 million of them were teens. A lot of adults have found success with Invisalign.

Here are seven reasons why Invisalign is the go-to adult solution:

1. Invisalign is discreet

Adults getting orthodontic treatment don’t want to look like they’re getting orthodontic treatment. For decades, conspicuous metal braces were the only option. With Invisalign, the clear aligners are barely visible. At work or out with friends, you can feel confident with your barely there trays.

2. Invisalign is comfortable

Invisalign doesn’t involve metal brackets or wires, which means you can say goodbye to mouth sores and lip lacerations. Invisalign fits easily into your life without the added hassle of caring for oral wounds from your braces.

3. Invisalign is convenient

If your schedule is already packed, you might not feel like heading in for an orthodontic adjustment every six weeks. With Invisalign, you don’t need to schedule regular adjustments.

Thanks to top-of-the-line software technology, your whole treatment plan is mapped out. When it’s time to move up to the next tray, you simply pick up your batch of new trays at your convenience. There’s no need to adjust brackets and wires because there aren’t any!

Invisalign is predictable and consistent — two things that fit into any schedule.

4. Invisalign accounts for your fully developed bones

One reason children and teens have success with orthodontic treatment is their bones are still developing, so it’s easier to shift teeth around. For adults, having mature jawbones doesn’t mean you can’t have Invisalign. The average treatment time for adults is 12-18 months.

5. Invisalign does more than just straighten teeth

Do you have crowded teeth? Gapped teeth? Crooked teeth? Invisalign can correct a wide variety of problems, including bite issues.

6. Invisalign can help … even if you had braces as a child

If you had braces when you were younger, it’s possible your teeth have since shifted. You can experience the benefits of Invisalign now, even if you had metal braces before.

7. Invisalign complements other services

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of a new, brighter smile. Invisalign can be just one part of your makeover plan. Once your teeth are straightened, treat yourself to professional teeth whitening for a beautiful, dazzling smile.

Ready for a smile makeover? Find out if Invisalign is right for you by calling our Westlake Village clinic, or use our online tool to schedule an appointment.

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