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What is PRP/PRF?

PRP and PRF stand for Platelet Rich Plasma, and Platelet Rich Fibrin, respectively. It is obtained by drawing the patient’s own blood to be spun at a high speed in a centrifuge machine to separate the high concentration of platelets, which is essential to healing. When this heavily concentrated portion of the blood is isolated, it contains three to five times the number of growth factors found in normal blood.

The use of PRP/PRF therapy to accelerate healing gained widespread acceptance in the fields of sports medicine and orthopedic surgery during the 1990’s. Now, PRP/PRF therapy has been proven valuable when used in conjunction with dental implants procedures and tooth extractions, contributing to faster tissue and bone growth, as well as faster healing times and decreased post-operative pain. PRP/PRF therapy allows patients to take advantage of the body’s natural capacity for healing, but at a greatly accelerated rate.

PRP/PRF therapy is safe and beneficial, with no concerns of a rejection or a negative reaction, as we are using the patient’s own blood and growth factors to accelerate growth and healing.



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