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Cosmetic Dental Veneers  |  Westlake VillageThere are many different types of dental options when an individual needs teeth work completed. How on earth do you figure out which one is best for you? Let’s cover one of these options in dental so that you have an idea of what veneers are when it’s time for you and your dentist to decide what is the best choice for you!


What are veneers exactly? Let’s say that you have a tooth (or teeth) that have become discolored or a bit crooked. Perhaps you wish that your whole smile had a makeover? Veneers can help with those issues! This incredibly simple and painless procedure can give you a new smile in just a couple of hours.

Veneers can be made from either resin composite materials or porcelain. Porcelain is the most preferred due to the cost as well as the ability to resist staining from everyday eating and drinking. This porcelain can be easily placed right over the top of your tooth to correct the shape, color, or even improve the integrity of a compromised tooth. This procedure usually takes place over 1-2 appointments. The first appointment may be just in taking a mold of your existing tooth and then sending it off to a laboratory to create the custom veneer to go over top and then the second appointment would be to actually adhere the veneer. However, not all dentists will opt to have the veneer created by the laboratory and will instead use a pre-fabricated veneer. If they opt for this option than the whole procedure should only take one visit.

A porcelain veneer should last between 10-20 years, however many people are able to live with them for much longer without any major issues. These veneers act as if it were your actual natural tooth, but look way better! They even help protect your tooth from damage or tooth decay! They add this extra protection by acting as a shield over your vulnerable natural tooth and serve as a barrier against plaque and bacteria.

In many cases, patients have opted for a full set of veneers instead of going through the time consuming and painful process of braces and retainers. As long as your dentist believes that your smile does not require more extensive work, this should be a viable option for those seeking a quick straight pearly white smile!

If veneers sound like a great option for you, or maybe for a friend or family member that just can’t seem to catch a break in the world of dentistry, do not be afraid to talk to our team or suggest this awesome procedure to those around you. You never know who might be looking for a new and bright smile!